We breed our Bejema Lab mothers (our own lab line of several generations, super smart, cool, healthy) to our AKC super sweet standard Poodle named Sampson(F1) or to our red Labradoodle named Finnegan (F2). The results are the cutest, sweetest, healthiest, non to low shed Labradoodles we have ever seen. We can also breed Finnegan to one of our Labradoodle mothers, to get F1Bs. Colors vary from red, chocolate, blond, black and white, some with markings, socks, or blazes. The markings really give them a unique look.

Temperaments are great with a very solid "play when you ask and stay calm the rest of the time" attitude.

Puppies are imprinted, vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, temperature acclimated, etc. Hips and eyes are guaranteed for 3 years and general health guaranteed.

Most are wavy coated , a few are smooth coated (lablike) coats with little shedding. These guys are super cool, laid back and still like to retrieve.

We offer a written health guarantee. Shots and dewormings will be up to date. We will micro-chip your puppy on request. Our pups are socialized and temperature acclimated, these aren't pet store dogs. Parents get to take turns running on the farm to keep them happy and healthy.

Labradoodles are Amazing. Their temperaments are wonderful, they run and play when you want, then sit as still as can be. Some will pose when put into a position. The low to non-shed coat is a bonus for everyone.  Most have gone to families that have heard Labradoodles have great temperaments. Labradoodles are great for families that suffer from allergies, asthma, or just don't want anymore pet hair in the house. Some are also used as hunting dogs.  Trained dogs and house trained puppies available.

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